No images available at present - Year shown indicates date of introduction.


Acorn - Pen outline of red acorns with green & brown oak leaves against tan & yellow runnings. 1934

Allsorts -  A band of overlapping circles & squares each with a vertical line passing through the centre. 1929

Alton - Distant castle turrets partly hidden by a bushy hillside with colourful flowers in the foreground. 1933

Amberose - Red & yellow roses with green foliage, with red stripes. 1933

Anemone - Clarice Cliff - Freehand flowers painted realistically on a mushroom glaze, sometimes with Delecia style runnings. 1937

Appliqué Avignon - A blue bridge over a lake in an ornamental garden, under an orange or coral sky. 1930

Appliqué Bird of Paradise - A yellow & red bird on a branch heavy with black berries & blue leaves, against a green hillside. 1930

Appliqué Blossom - Freehand clematis and lilac flowers in purple & red against a trellis. 1930

Appliqué Caravan - A caravan on a hillside underneath a tree laden with red & orange fruit and green leaves. 1930

Appliqué Eden - A brown flower surrounded by black flowers, green leaves with black veins, a glimpse of orange sky and a blue & green landscape in the background. 1930

Appliqué Etna - A volcanic peak in the distance, in the foreground a blue sea with black rocky cliffs covered with red trunked green trees. 1930

Appliqué Garden - A black trunked tree with light & dark blue foliage over a garden of yellow, orange & brown flowers. Alternate colourway has a brown & orange tree. 1930

Appliqué Idyll - A crinoline lady in a formal garden beneath a tree, with black, red, black banding. 1930 

Appliqué Lucerne - A castle in a mountainous landscape of fir trees, with castle turrets to the foreground. Colour of sky indicates colourways: Orange & Blue. 1930

Appliqué Lugano - A waterwheel against a building in a mountainous landscape. Colour of sky indicates colourways: Orange & Blue. 1930

Appliqué Monsoon - A yellow & green tree with black trunk on a yellow & purple striped ground against an orange sky. To the left, giant purple flowers rush from the ground and to the right, a green & blue hill capped by an ornamental arch. 1931

Appliqué Palermo - Red sailed yachts against the sweeping bay of Palermo, with a climbing black stemmed floral plant in the foreground. 1930

Appliqué Red Tree - On a green, black & orange striped ground, a tree with black & red saucer shaped fruit against a grey sky. To the left, blue saucer shaped flowerheads. 1930

Appliqué Windmill -A dark blue windmill by a river, against a cloudy red & orange sky and a green & black wood. 1930

Arabesque - An Isnic style design in red, green, yellow & blue, probably only produced as a sample. 1929

Archaic - Vases shaped as classical columns, copied from The Grammar Of Ornament by Owen Jones, as were the designs. 1929

Aura - Clarice Cliff - Etching across the rim of tableware, or the edge of teaware. 1934

Aurea - Alternative colourway of Rhodanthe, with dominant green flowers, with some brown, yellow & pink. 1934

Autumn - Trees with sinuous trunks and large balloon shapes tops by bushes and a small cottage in a wood. Numerous colourways. 1930

Autumn Fruit - A tree with red fruit, and leaves, with black & red banding and brown shading. 1938

Avon - A pen outline design in pastel colours of a bridge over a river and two fishermen, on a green glaze. 1937

Awakening - Essentially the Autumn Crocus design, with a black transfer depicting trees, sometimes Rabbits and/or bats. 1929


Bamboo - An etched design of a brown & orange oriental cottage, with bamboo with green leaves and yellow Rhodanthe style flowers. 1935 

Beach Ball - Two segmented black & orange balls with leaves each side, surrounded by narrow green & orange vertical panels. 1931

Beechwood - A hardened mushroom glaze with a partial decoration of a twig with leaves in shades of brown. 1935

Bermuda - A pen outline design with gnarled tree with a blue, brown & red trunk, blue & yellow foliage on a green/brown ground. 1937

Berries - Red & orange berries, blue & purple leaves, with green & yellow oblongs. 1930

Bignou - A sunburst in green, orange & yellow, a shoulder pattern on tea & dinner ware. 1930

Blue Chrysanthemum - A large handpainted blue flowerhead with orange centre, green leaves and coral red blossoms. 1937

Blue Daisy - A stylised orange, blue & purple daisy painted freehand, with blue & purple banded and striped pattern either side. 1930

Blue Eyed Marigold - Outlined orange flowers with blue centres, honeyglaze leaves and a black ground. Also Green & Brown Eyed Marigold. 1930

Blue Firs - A pen outlined green landscape with blue fir trees, in the foreground a beach and sometimes a cottage. Also Green & Coral Firs. 1933

Blue Ribbon - A freehand floral design with orange flowers against a background of blue, green & yellow "ribbons". 1932

Blue W - The pattern is centred around a central blue 'W' motif and features a number of interlocking elements consisting of circles, curves and oblong shapes in blue, green, yellow, orange, black & lilac. 1929

Bobbins - Blue & green leaves with red & yellow bobbins, often on a Cafe-au-Lait ground. 1931

Bowling - Random horizontal banding with freehand bulls-eye motif. 1929

Braidwood - A floral design of powder blue cornflowers with green leaves above geometric hatching in blue and green. 1935

Branch and Squares - Outlined black, orange or blue leaves on a branch enclosed in irregular squares, painted in random colours. 1930

Bridgewater - A pen outline design of a question-mark tree by a river with reeds and a bridge and cottage in the background. 1934

Brookfields - A pen outline in yellow of a cottage and garden, next to a bridge and ploughed field in green & yellow, the whole design covered with fine blue & yellow lines, omitted on awkward shapes. 1936

Broth - Shapes resembling the cooled fat on top of broth.  Colourways Orange & Red. 1928

Bruna - All painted in blue to give the impression of a stencil, the pattern shows a single tree with spear shaped leaves and flowers in an undulating landscape. 1931

Brunella - A freehand stylised floral motif in rust & blue, similar to the Ravel design. 1930

Buttercup - Cafe-au-Lait all over design in yellow, green and red combined. Paint finish is very thick and has textured feel. 1931

Butterfly - Colourful freehand butterflies against a striped ground. 1929


Cabbage Flower - Green & grey flowers with red & grey leaves growing from brown earth against a woven yellow sky. 1934

Café - A panel design of grey & black squares and oblong shapes with either red or orange as an additional colour. A black panel with either red or orange dots is also incorporated. 1931

Canterbury Bells - Freehand blue, orange & yellow flowers with a brown cafe-au-Lait ground above and yellow below. 1932

Capri - A garden with shrubs, bushes & trees, the whole design covered with fine lines. Colourways: Orange, Green & Blue. 1935

Caprice - A landscape with fantastic stylised trees and an elaborate bridge. First produced as an on-glaze decoration on a grey glaze, then for the Inspiration series. 1929

Carpet - Curvilinear shapes, stripes & dots in coral red or orange with grey & black. Colourways: Orange & Red. 1930

Castellated Circle - Abstract design of circular and castellated shapes, some with solid colour, sometimes with triangles behind. Numerous variations on colour. 1929

Celtic Harvest - A range with surface ornamentation of corn sheaves and fruit, with handpainted coloured detail, produced on a large range of tableware & fancies, with a number of glaze variations. 1937

Chalet - Colourful flower beds by a path leading to a chalet, against a green Cafe-au-Lait style sky. 1936

Cherry - Blue coloured berries and purple leaves with orange detail, outlined in green. 1929

Chestnut - A range of shapes with embossed leaves in natural shades, on a matt mushroom glaze. 1937

Chintz - Water lily buds & leaves forming a fabric like design. Colourways: Orange (colours used, orange, black, tan & red), Blue (colours used blue, green & pink) & Green (colours used greens, browns & yellow). 1932

Chippendale - An outlined light brown tree with gnarled branches bearing pink & blue flowers on the left of two hills. On the opposite hill, small flowering plants with yellow & pink flowers. 1939

Christine - A central printed floral motif, with handpainted hatching around edge. Colourways: Blue, Yellow & Brown. 1934

Circle Tree - A freehand spiky black tree with rainbow coloured circles behind. 1929

Clouvre - An Inspiration ground with freehand on-glaze handpainted designs including Water Lily, Butterfly, Bluebell & Tulip. 1929

Clovelly - Red-roofed houses and tall poplar type trees leading to the sea, with a small island in the distance. 1937

Coastal Oak - A thinly drawn freehand coastal landscape with a stylised tree with very large red & brown oak leaves. 1934

Comets - Interwoven comet shapes with small cloud like motifs at their heads, their tails painted in various colours. Pastel version produced. 1929

Coral Firs - A black pen outline landscape with coral and brown fir trees, a black roofed cottage and cliffs. Also Blue & Green Firs. 1933

Cornwall - A tree in a stylised garden in shades of green. The rarest colourway of Moonlight & Devon. 1933

Corolla - A slim branched tree with Rhodanthe style flowerheads and green leaves. Colourways: Green & Orange. 1938

Cowslip - Stylised leaves in a mottled Cafe-au-Lait style ground. Colourways: Blue, Yellow, Green & Brown. 1933

Crazy Paving - Irregular continuous panels in blue, green, yellow & pink, giving the effect of crazy paving. 1929

Crayon Scenes - Produced using ceramic crayons, a set of at least twelve sketched landscapes drawn freehand in natural colours, featuring very English scenes with churches, trees & bridges, some were named. All examples decorated by paintress Rene Dale. 1934

Crepe de Chine - An all over floral design, with printed outline in black, hand enamelled in green, yellow, red & blue. 1933

Crest - A black & red crest motif against a ground of overlapping crescent shapes in blue & green. 1933

Crocus  - Freehand crocus flowers with thin green leaves, produced in a number of colour variations:

Autumn - Flowers in orange, blue & purple. 1928

Blue - Flowers in shades of blue. 1935

Purple - Flowers in shades of purple. 1935

Spring - Flowers in pink, yellow & blue. 1933

Summer - Flowers on a Summer glaze. 1934

Sungleam - Flowers in orange & yellow. 1931

Cruiseware - Stylish designs of people in scenes on a 1930s Cruise liner, produced in lithograph outline with painted detail. Produced on amoebic shaped saucers to hold a teacup & biscuits. 1934

Cubist - An extremely strong abstract design of interlocking geometric shapes in orange, blue, green, black & yellow. 1929


Damask Rose- A body produced by mixing slip with a pink colorant. Once cast and fired, the pieces are given a clear glaze. Pieces then painted with small fruit or floral motifs. 1930

Daphne - A simple stylised branch with red, blue and yellow blossoms, with scattered coloured dots. 1936

Delecia - The original Delecia effect was produced with raw colour mixed with turpentine which was allowed to run all over the ware, leaving a pattern of randomly coloured drips. 1929

Delecia Citrus - Oranges & Lemons, with blue & green leaves, above green & grey Delecia runnings. A rare version has gold & silver fruit. 1930

Delecia Nasturtium - The Nasturtium design above Delecia runnings. 1932

Delecia Peaches - Very similar to Delecia Citrus but easily distinguished as the leaves are just light green and the fruit has a crescent shape to the right. 1932

Delecia Poppy - Large poppy flowers in red, yellow & purple above Delecia runnings. 1932

Desny - A simple three colour pattern of two orange triangles against a blue ground, outlined in black. On some examples, both triangles are placed together to resemble a YoYo vase. 1929

Devon - A pendulous red tree, with garden of stylised flowers underneath in orange, green & blue. See also Cornwall & Moonlight. 1933

Diamonds - A very bold abstract/geometric design consisting of two adjacent panels. One is of a simple diamond shape, the other with square, curved and circular motifs. The colours used were black, blue, orange & yellow, but variations are known. 1929

Dore - Printed outline of an oblong with an abstract design and a floral motif over one side. Produced exclusively for Harrods. 1930

Double Diamond - Diamond shape within another, on orange & yellow background. Outlined in black.  1929

Double V - Black & yellow 'V's dividing panels of orange, blue & green abstract shapes. Variations also known. 1929

Dryday - A thinly drawn brown freehand tree with green leaves, with white egg shaped flowers in the foreground. 1937


Eating Apples - Yellow & red apples with green & grey pears overlapping with leaf shapes, outlined in a fine black line. 1935

Elizabethan Cottage - An outlined and etched design with a red roofed cottage with leaded windows, half hidden by a thick green & yellow wood. 1937

Embroidery - A brown tree trunk with different coloured leaves, some green & blue, others in varying types of hatching. 1937

Erin - Cloud shaped bushes with egg shaped devices floating in the sky above. Colourways: Orange & Green. 1933


Fantasia - A blue, green & yellow ground with three red trunked trees. Red, yellow & blue foliage with small flowers with red buds. 1929

Farmhouse - A cottage with a ground to roof level chimney, amidst trees & bushes, in brown, orange & green. 1932

Feather and Leaves - An orange stylised feather shape, against a yellow & green background, with a simple stem and three black leaves. 1929

Ferndale - A tree with black trunk, yellow & brown etched foliage, and a red & yellow cottage and bushes in background. 1937

Flora - A print outline of buds, handpainted in blue, orange & yellow. 1930

Floreat - See Wild Rose

Florette - A curving stem leading to four red, blue and yellow blossoms, with scattered coloured dots. 1936

Flower and Squares - The cubist flower from Picasso Flower, surrounded by overlapping squares in yellow, green & purple. 1930

Flower Music - See Music

Football - An abstract wrap round design of four adjacent panels, each repeating the design in a higher or lower position. The black outlined, which is either horizontal or vertical, varies in thickness and the colours are usually orange, purple, yellow & green, with a blue net motif in cross hatching. 1929

Forest Glen - A green etched hillside with a pen outline cottage in the middle distance, under a deep red & grey Delecia runnings sky. 1935

Fragrance - A country garden with tall delphiniums and a large tree, with flowers in the foreground in blue & pink. 1935

Fruit - Geometric fruit & leaves in red, yellow, green & orange against a hatching of diagonal purple lines. 1929

Fruitburst - A motif of stylised fruit, with orange lines radiating out from behind. 1930


Gardenia - A large central orange or red flower with smaller blue & purple ones amidst green & black leaves. Colourways: Orange & Red. 1931

Garland - An early freehand design of stylised orange, yellow, blue & purple flowers, painted on a black background as a shoulder or rim decoration. 1929

Gayday - Orange, rust, red & purple asters amidst green leaves, between green & yellow bands. 1930

Geometric Flowers - Cubist flowers on black stems, in early Bizarre colours with rust red banding and detail. 1929

Gibraltar - White sailed yachts on a blue sea before the Rock of Gibraltar, in pink, lilac, blue & green. 1931

Glendale - An etched tree, with a few small flowers, with grass in the foreground. Colourways: Red & Green. 1936

Gloria - A range produced with underglaze decoration in thin watercolours, covered with a creamy Latona style glaze. Designs include Crocus, Tulip & Bridge. 1930

Goldstone - A range of ware using a speckled earth-coloured clay for the body, covered in a clear shiny glaze. Painted in freehand designs, many of which are unclassified. 1931

Green Firs - Green & yellow fir trees in a blue & yellow landscape. 1934

Green House - A cottage with green walls and orange roof with a red, green & yellow tree blown over it. 1930


Hello - Black concentric circles, with yellow outlined spots. 1933

Hollyhocks - Freehand flowers in lilac & pink with beige & yellow detail. 1936

Hollyrose - Stylised flowers in pink, brown & yellow with blue contour line effect between. 1932

Honeydew - Etched flowers in green & yellow similar to Rhodanthe, painted centrally on tea and tableware. 1936

Honiton - Shaded banding, with flower petals formed by dabbing the finger into the wet surface paint. detail then painted in. 1936

Honolulu - Stylised trees with green & black variegated trunks, with pendulous red, orange & yellow foliage and distinctive black & green banding. 1933

House and Bridge - A red roofed cottage nestling at the bottom of a winding road, by a brown bridge. In the foreground is a tree with black trunk and orange, red & brown foliage. 1932

Hydrangea - Delicately drawn flowers with fine bands and lines over the top. Colourways: Orange, Yellow & Green. 1934


Idyll - A crinoline lady in a formal garden beneath a tree, painted in pastel shades, with pastel banding. 1933

Inspiration Asters - Aster flower heads outlined in blue, against a black panel. On an Inspiration glaze. 1929

Inspiration Autumn - An Inspiration version of the Autumn design. 1929

Inspiration Bouquet - Blue flowerheads with black outlined and filled leaves. 1929

Inspiration Caprice - A landscape with fir trees and a bridge with decorative pillars either end. 1929

Inspiration Knight Errant - A knight on horseback by a castle wall. 1929

Inspiration Lily - Pink lilies with black leaves on an Inspiration glaze. 1929

Inspiration Nasturtium - The Nasturtium design painted in Inspiration colours on an Inspiration ground. 1929

Inspiration Persian - A range of Isnic style patterns produced in the Inspiration glaze techniques, in pinks, mauve & blues. 1929

Inspiration Rose - A large pink rose, blue & lilac leaves & yellow outlining on an Inspiration ground. 1929

Islands - A small central print of a stylised island with handpainted banding. Colourways: Green & Blue. 1936


Japan - A delicate pen outline of a tree with an oriental summerhouse behind. The sky and ground both in Cafe-au-Lait. Colourways: Blue & Yellow. 1933

Jonquil - A black pen outline of green & yellow flowers and green leaves above an amber Delecia effect ground. 1935

Jupiter - An abstract of an orange & yellow half circle, with an orange, black & yellow panel at right angles. A flash or green & blue complete the design. 1930


Kandina - A stylised tree with an amoebic shape either side, under a border of 'V' shapes. Painted in orange, yellow, purple & blue. 1928

Kelverne - Horizontal shading with freehand foliage and berries. 1936  

Kensington - A Biarritz tableware design of stylised tulips drawn in outline, with geometric hatching through them. 1934

Kew - A red pagoda between wedge & bubble trees, similar to Trees And House, with a bridge and poplar trees on the reverse. 1932

Keyhole - A geometric design in yellow and orange, sometimes with green, and a silhouette of a keyhole. 1929

Killarney - A geometric design, very similar to the Original Bizarre, but produced in pastel green & brown. 1934


Latona Bouquet - Pendant petunia shaped flowers with blue & green leaves. 1929

Latona Cartoon Flowers - Amoeba shaped flowers with purple flowing colour beneath, and black diagonal lines to one side. 1929

Latona Dahlia - Linear & curved lines with a central flower and green leaves. Colourways Blue & Orange. 1929

Latona Daisy - One orange & one yellow flower, both with blue centres in front of a spray of green leaves, with orange striped banding. 1929

Latona Flowerheads - Stylised flowerheads in Appliqué yellow, blue & orange, above rough vertical blue stripes. 1929

Latona Garden - Handpainted red, blue & green flowers with black leaves and stems, on a Latona ground. 1929

Latona Grape - Black panels, with orange lines and bunches of turquoise grapes. 1929

Latona Inca - An outlined black flower with a yellow flash and red & green lines. 1929

Latona Knight Errant - A knight on horseback by a wall, with details in silver, red & blue. 1929

Latona Maya - Purple & lilac sunburst above a yellow line ascending in steps either side. 1929

Latona Mushroom - Stylised mushrooms outlined in green, with lilac, blue, orange & red colours. 1929

Latona Orchid - Large orange pansy shape flowers with purple & green centres, on black stems with curvy lines between. 1929

Latona Red Roses - Red rose flowers with black leaves on a Latona ground. No outlining. 1929

Latona Stained Glass - Angular lines covering the ware, some coloured to form a motif. 1929

Latona Sunflower Squares - Black criss-cross grid with alternate orange & green diamonds. Inbetween is a sunflower, painted in orange & yellow. 1929

Latona Tree - Black trunked tree with orange, blue, red & green foliage. 1929

Leaf Tree - A black tree trunk with giant orange leaves on green ground with a row of stylised flowers. 1931

Liberty - The name given to ware simply covered all over in bands of random width & colour. 1929

Lightning -A blue & purple disc crossed with a black flash, with red, orange & yellow geometric shapes above & below. 1929

Lily - A brashly drawn lily and leaves. Colourways: Orange, Brown & White. 1929

Limberlost - A tree with brown trunk and tan foliage, with large white flowers in the foreground and green & brown bushes in the background. 1932

Line Jazz - Straight and 'L' shaped lines in blue & black, among cubist shapes in orange, brown & yellow. 1930

Lisbon - Overlapping boxes with floral motifs, and a border of curvilinear style. 1931

Lodore - A print outline with flowers in green and yellow, and black hatching. 1929

London - An abstract design of a red crescent with orange, yellow, green & blue geometric forms crossing it, between thick brown banding and thin red lines. 1930

Lorna - A landscape in natural colours of a cottage, a bridge and a river flowing into the foreground, with some red & orange bushes behind the cottage. 1936

Lupin - Lupin flowers in Crocus colours, this was designed at the same time as Crocus and has the same style banding. 1928

Luxor - Landscape with pyramids on the horizon, and stylised trees in the foreground. Colourways named after the colour of the tree: Orange, Black & Blue. 1929

Lydiat - A black pen outline of orange, pink & yellow flowers and black leaves above an amber Delecia effect ground. 1933


Mango - orange, double skinned fruit with bold black leaves against a brown Cafe-au-Lait ground. 1931

Marguerite - A range of embossed flowers forming the handles or a motif on ware, with body stippled in Cafe-au-Lait. 1934

Marigold - On glaze decoration of marigolds in orange and yellow, on underglaze blue Inspiration style ground. 1929

Marlowe - Lithographed, then handpainted flowers, with a blue aerographed and yellow etched background. 1930

Marjory - A central etched flower in pink, mauve & green, framed by two marguerite type flower, with green leaves & stems. 1938

Marsh Mallow - Chintz like flowers outlined in brown and painted yellow, with green leaves. 1932

May Avenue - An avenue of red-roofed houses and spade-shaped trees, with a tree in green Cafe-au-Lait foliage in the foreground, all in pen outline. 1933

May Blossom - Freehand black spiky tree with blossoms on a yellow & grey streaked ground. produced with yellow, green & pink blossoms. 1936

Melon - A band of overlapping, geometric fruit, with contour line effect between. Most commonly with dominant orange banding. Colourways Orange, Pastel, Red, Green & Blue. 1930

Milano - A range of ware with the shape partly ribbed, partly smooth, with simple broad bands of one or two colours. 1934

Moderne - A partial platinum band with a cartouche featuring a design in print outline with handpainted colour. These include: Norge (two fir trees), Odette (stylised cartoon flowers & fruit), Paysanne (stylised flowers) & Jewel (stylised flowers). 1929

Mondrian - An abstract design of overlapping squares, mainly in orange, blue, black & yellow, although variations are known. 1929

Moonflower - A green flower outlined in yellow with oblongs in grey, green, yellow & brown. Colourways Green & Blue. 1933

Moonlight - A stylised blue tree in green & yellow garden, over a lined and chequered setting. See also Devon & Cornwall. 1933

Morocco - An early simple abstract with a curved arch in panels around the ware. Colourways Orange & Blue. 1929

Mountain - A stylised tree and cottage in the foreground with a mountain rising behind. Colourways Orange & Pastel. 1931

Mowcop - A small tower amongst trees on a hillock. Variation with pink glaze known. 1937

Music - A simple design of sheet music, with small petals as the notes. 1933


Napoli - A garden with a lily pond & tall trees under gold stars, on a mushroom glaze. 1937

Nasturtium - Realistically painted flowers in red, orange & yellow over a brown Cafe-au-Lait ground. 1932

Nemesia - A printed outline of small flowers in the corners, or on handles, enamelled in yellow, orange & green. 1930

Nemesia - A repeating pattern of brown & tan shaded cloud panels, the centre of each with orange petals and green leaves. 1937

New Flag - An early version of Original Bizarre given a separate name. 1929

New Fruit - Stylised apples & grapes in natural colours, but with pink, yellow & orange segmented leaves and black oblongs resembling piano keys. 1931

Newlyn - A green etched hillside with a pen outline cottage in the middle distance, under a grey & blue Delecia runnings sky. 1935

Nuage - Produced with the same technique as Cafe-au-Lait but the paint was thickened to give the surfaces a texture. Designs include Bouquet, Flowers, Oranges & Passion Flower. 1932


Oasis - A landscape with a large blue & pink cloud shaped tree, with yellow tufted grass. 1933

Opalesque - A range using a clear, thinner Inspiration style glaze to which handpainted designs were applied. 1934

Opalesque Stencil Deer - A blue, yellow & brown mountain scene with leaping deer's. 1934

Ophelia - An outline print in brown of flowers in a basket, handpainted in enamel colours. 1939

Orange Battle - Round orange shapes among vertical green stripes with black splashes flying off. 1929

Orange House - A cottage with orange walls and black roof with a red, green & yellow tree blowing over it. 1930

Orange Roof Cottage - An orange roofed cottage by a bridge with a tree behind and bushes to the foreground. 1932

Orange V - A geometric design in orange, yellow & red, with linear forms between the 'V' shapes. 1930

Oranges - Orange fruit with mauve, green & blue leaves. 1931

Oranges and Lemons - Coral, orange & yellow fruit with large black leaves in-between. 1931

Original Bizarre - The first range of geometric designs, using a variety of colours in numerous designs, with triangles & diamonds featuring prominently. 1927


Palm - A stylised tree with grass around the base. 1936

Parrot Tulip - Flared tulip flowers and leaves painted freehand. 1930

Passionfruit - A twig heavy with pink & lilac, or yellow & blue fruit and flowers, on either a turquoise or honeyglaze background. 1936

Patina - A range where coloured slip was splattered on biscuit ware, glazed, and designs applied over this. 1932

Patina Coastal - A brown, yellow & green tree by a simple coast, sometimes with purple & yellow Delecia runnings. 1932

Patina Coral Firs - The Coral Firs design with a Patina finish. 1932

Patina Country - A rolling landscape painted freehand, with a small fountain scratched out of the paint. 1932

Patina Daisy - Blue, purple & pink daisies, with yellow centres. 1932

Patina Tree - A tree with bulbous pink, brown or blue foliage, on undulating ground. 1932

Patina Tulip - Tulip heads, in yellow, orange & red, with green leaves and trellis. 1932

Pebbles - A cluster of multi-coloured circles in panels with zig zag shaped in an orange or blue ground. 1928

Pearl Tree - A thin tree trunk with pink & blue fruit and pink and red flowers around the base. Erroneously named Pink Pearls, then renamed. 1937

Persian - Isnic designs in handpainted enamels, decorated in the Original Bizarre style and also on a Mushroom glaze (1937). 1929

Petunia - Freehand flowers painted in pinks, purples, blue & yellow. Yellow Cafe-au-Lait above, brown below. 1933

Picasso Flower - A cubist flower with geometric leaves & stems through it. Colourways: Orange & Red. 1930

Pinegrove - Boldly drawn black & blue fir trees, covered with thin blue lines. 1935

Pink Pearls - Alternative colourway of Rhodanthe, with dominant pink flowers, with some blue, yellow & green. 1934

Pink Roof Cottage - A pink roofed cottage by a bridge with light green & blue trees and bushes all around. 1932

Pollen - Freehand flowers & foliage coloured brown, red & yellow. Orange blobs fly off the flowers. 1932

Poplar - One orange and one blue tree with a cottage on the horizon and large flowers in the foreground. 1932

Propeller - Extremely stylised flowers looking like a ships propeller, with a contour line effect between. 1931


No known designs


Raffia - A large range of ware with surface modelling resembling woven raffia. 1935

Ravel - Simple cubist flowers and leaves in jade & orange as a motif. Colourways Green & Blue. 1929

Red Roofs - A red roofed cottage with an orange flowered climbing plant up its side, in front of a tall green tree, with a fence running by and a giant orange flower to the reverse. 1931

Reverie - The smaller tree from the Mowcop design, with flowers growing underneath. 1936

Rhodanthe - A freehand design with large marigold flowers in orange & brown, on sinuous brown stems, painted in the etching style. 1934

Rudyard - A tree with light & dark green trunk, with pink & blue pendulous foliage. 1933

Rugby - Orange, yellow and brown panels, interspaced with stepped black and honeyglaze lines. 1930



Sandon - A country garden with tall delphiniums and a large tree, with flowers in the foreground in yellow & orange. 1935

Scarlet Flower - Large red flower with green leaves and tracing over the entire piece. 1928

Secrets - A river estuary next to a hill topped by two brown roofed cottages, and a tree with bubble foliage in the foreground. Colourways: Green & Blue. 1933

Sharks Teeth - Curved shapes in orange, brown and mustard, with teeth shapes along the edge. 1929

Silver Birch - A tree with green foliage and mottled white trunk and a chocolate and amber coloured hill. 1937

Sliced Circle - A geometric design of radiating lines and circles, the circles are displaced either side of a line. Produced in orange, green, yellow & blue, with irregularly coloured segments. 1929

Sliced Fruit - A band of stylised sliced fruit showing their segments, in orange, yellow & brown, or blue, mauve & green. 1930

Slimbridge - Landscape design of flying birds against green & yellow trees, with multicoloured banding in red, orange & yellow; blue, mid-blue & green. 1931

Solitude - An orange & black tree in the foreground with a red bridge rising behind which crosses a green, yellow and grey sea. 1933

Solomon's Seal - A simple printed floral outline of a sprig of stylised Solomon's Seal flowers, coloured in lilac, blue & green. 1930

Spearwort - Thin rust coloured stems supporting yellow flowers, with black and pink centre, with a decorative motif of five pink wavy lines. Pattern 9560. 1935

Spire - A tree in the foreground, with a green & yellow hatching landscape behind, and on the horizon, house roofs and a church spire. 1937

Stile and Trees - A country stile with trees & bushes either side, painted in naturalistic colours. 1937

Stroud - A shoulder pattern of a cartouche with a cottage and tree motif against a band of colour. 1932

Summerhouse - A red hut, a tree with green trunk and pendulous yellow foliage, black bushes and a blue lake. 1931

Sunburst - Very stylish star like motif surrounding and divided by triangles in yellow, orange & brown. 1930

Sundew - Etched flowers similar to Rhodanthe, painted centrally on tea and tableware. 1936

Sungay - Asters in yellow, blue & green. This was loosely based on Gayday, hence the name. 1932

Sungold - Yellow & amber triangular wedges, in pastel shades, similar to the Original Bizarre, but much lighter. 1934

Sunray Leaves - Alternating panels of jade sunrays with orange sunrays, with stylised stems with leaves painted on them. 1929

Sunray - Stylised black skyscrapers between panels of purple and orange sunrays, a bridge with stylised stars in the sky above and a dark blue cloud. 1929

Sunrise - A stylised sunray motif next to wavy lines and clusters of circles. 1929

Sunshine - A printed outline of flowers enamelled in yellow & brown, with green leaves. 1931

Sunspots - A combination of Art Deco, Egyptian and Aztec motifs consisting of wavy lines, triangles, circles and dots all interlocking to produce a vibrant design. Colours used were yellow, red, green & black. 1930

Swirls - Black overlapping curved lines forming a pattern in which segments are differently coloured in orange, blue, yellow, red & lilac. 1930


Taormina - A pen outline of trees on a cliff top, seagulls above with etched colours for the foliage. Colourways: Orange, Pink & Blue. 1935

Tartan - A simple tartan pattern produced by very fine lining, in several colourways. 1934

Tennis - An entirely freehand design consisting of straight and curved lines in red, green, blue, yellow & black and a lilac "net". 1930

Tiger Tree - A brown tree trunk with red & black patches, an outlined blue cloud with green & brown shrubs and yellow & blue flowers. 1937

Tralee - An etched thatched cottage with window shutters, in a country garden with Cafe-au-Lait blue smoke coming from its chimney. 1935

Tree - A very simple stylised tree with orange trunk and pink, green & blue pendulous foliage. 1929

Trees and House - A landscape with bubble tree, a wedge tree and a half hidden cottage. Colourways include Red, Orange, Pastel & Blue. 1929

Trent - A naturally coloured country scene with two tall trees in front of a short wooden bridge over an unseen brook, with flowers in the foreground. 1937

Tresco - Etched flowerheads in Rhodanthe colours on a thorned vine. 1935

Tropic - A cloud shaped tree with pink foliage, in a wood with yellow thatched roofed cottages. Originally called Pink Tree, a plate has been discovered with the pattern name on the reverse. 1934

Tulip - A single bold tulip in red with green leaves and yellow, blue & black detail. 1931

Tulips - A garden scene with a tree, a cottage and tulips in the distance. Essentially the Idyll design without the crinoline lady. 1934


Umbrellas - The "umbrella" panels of the fuller Umbrellas & Rain design. 1929

Umbrellas and Rain - Two alternating abstract panels, one with stylised open umbrellas merging together, the other as rain symbolised as circles on a line. Colourways: Red & Orange. 1929


Viscaria - Alternative colourway of Rhodanthe, with dominant blue & green flowers, with some green, yellow & pink. 1934


Watermill - Panels of "wheel spokes" in orange and green. 1930

Waverley - A curved tree trunk in shades of brown, with  a green crown and red "star" shape flowers, against a wavy background landscape. 1937

Wax Flower - Half a blue flower against black bars on an orange and honeyglaze ground. 1931

Wheat - A print of ears of wheat with handpainted colour, also produced as an all gold version. 1935

Whisper - Simple curved shapes in various colours. 1929

Wild Rose - Orange flowers with green & clear leaves, with black detail. 1930

Windbells - A tree with a curving black trunk and blue lenticular foliage, against a wavy orange, green & yellow striped background. 1933

Winsome - A complicated series of abstract shapes painted in various colours. One of the many variations of designs after the Original Bizarre triangles. 1929

Woman's Journal - A printed floral motif enamelled in orange, green, blue & red, with yellow & orange banding. This was a tableware design offered exclusively to readers of Woman's Journal magazine on a mail-order basis. 1931

Woodland - A printed outline with enamelling of blue & purple flowers, with a tree behind with orange & green foliage. 1930


Xanthic - An outlined abstract design with grey, yellow & orange panels using elements of the earlier Orange V design. 1932

Xavier - An abstract freehand panel between Cafe-au-Lait, similar to the earlier Xanthic. 1932


Yellow Roof Cottage - Known from one example which has the roof painted yellow, the side wall in orange and gable wall green. 1932

Yellow Rose - Known only on tableware, this design features a flower with yellow & tan petals and an orange "pansy" centre, on a spindly stem. 1931

Yoo Hoo - Ware painted all over in red & black, generally with red feet or handles and black body. 1929

Yuan - A coloured turquoise green glaze. 1936

Yugoslavian Dancers - A pair of dancers in peasant costumes surrounded by motifs of mountains and flowers in the Appliqué & Latona styles. Painted using over 20 colours, this is the most elaborate design issued in the Bizarre range. 1934


Zap - An orange circle with a yellow stepped centre, below a blue & white arch and to the reverse an orange flower with green leaves. 1930

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